Archive of earlier work

The following are recently sold pieces.


Ascendancy montage


Split Decision montage

Shield montage

Asian suspended vessel montage

Red Totem montage

Platterbox (no chattering) montage

Sprout montage

Mandarin Spring montage

Red Eye montage w title

Surge montage

Equilibrium montage

Canopy montage

Artists are always experimenting with new ideas. Pieces from years past serve as springboards for the next generation of design and execution. The creative process is fueled by the desire to learn and to push boundaries. These photos represent a small sampling of the continuing growth and development I have sought to achieve throughout my career.


Blue Streak montage 1000   Permutation-#45-1000     Deco-undermount-split-bowl-


Blue-Wave    Large-pierced-deco-split-bo   Blue-Tower-montage


Red Spiral 600    Swoop 600   Wave cwa


Hole-in-One   Black-Deco-Teapot   curve-box-w-blackwood-lid


tall-suspended-box   7 Up 600   Vessel with black curved base 600   suspended-green-split-bowl


Asian-Split-bowl-vessel,-su   small pierced orange split bowl 600   Balance 600


Teapot w red spout 600   Maple-split-bowl-vessel-on-   Swirl 600


small curved green streak montage   Large BE maple montage   Astral-Wave-(red)-angle