Small Sculpture

These small sculptures generally have dimensions under 12″. All are currently available, either directly from me or at the gallery shown beneath the photo. For more info or if you wish to purchase, contact me at or 630-390-8821.   All work sold directly though me includes shipping to the lower 48. A quote for shipping to HI, AK, and internationally will be provided upon request.



Out of the Blue montage



Sprout montage

 available at the Allenstand Craft Gallery, Folk Art Center, Asheville, NC


Tilt montage   $500.00



Jade Rising montage

available at Grovewood Gallery, Asheville, NC

wavy sided double box montage



A repelling vessel montage



The following selections are earlier pieces (5-7 years old) that are still available at substantially reduced prices.


Suspended vessel montage

originally $950.00, now $475.00


Balancing Act montage

originally $500.00, now $275.00