Suspended Vessels

Suspended vessels have become something of my signature style. The turned elements are held in place, often with brass pins, by a supporting structure and thus become a very strong focal point. Contrasting woods help reinforce the focus on the turning. These pieces are influenced by my years of building contemporary furniture and reflect the design aesthetics I subscribed to.

Click on each piece to see an enlarged photo and details

  Permutation #45  fandango-full  Ode to Edgar  Proud Mary  Elevation of the Spirit  Alchemy  Long & Lean  The Burl Triumphant

Sunrise  A Holey Suspended Vessel  Make a Wish

Pins and Needles  Asian Inspired Suspended Vessel  Pyramid Supported Vessel  Jatoba Suspended Vessel

The Martians Have Landed?      Suspension   Goblet Vessel

Janus Rising