Store test – Jewelry

Jewelry is a new venture for me. These small pendants allow me to explore some different ideas, textures, wood combinations, etc. and create affordable wearable art. Each piece is crafted with the same attention to detail and careful construction as my other works.  All the pieces are 2″ to 3″ across, and the finials are 1″ to 2″ long. Using the wide variety of beautiful woods I have available, many featuring highly unusual coloring and grain patterns, every piece is different.  They include either an 18″ chain or leather cord and clasp as well as a padded box. Other lengths are available on request. You won’t find these in your typical jewelry store and their uniqueness makes them special, as a treat for yourself or a gift for someone in your life. I’ll be adding pieces as they become available and I plan on making earrings and possibly other jewelry items as well. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger photo with details, size and price. Then click on the arrows to see the next or previous one.

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