Thank you

Thank you for buying my work(s). You will receive two e-mails shortly. One from PayPal with your transaction confirmation and one from this site, Alan Carter Studio. My e-mail contains a receipt for the work(s) you bought.

If you don’t receive my e-mail within a day’s time, here are a couple of quick things you can check:

  • First, your Spam folder. I know, that’s like saying “reboot your computer”, but sometimes that’s just where the e-mail ends up.
  • Second, check the e-mail address you put in PayPal at the time of purchase. A lot of people like to use different e-mail addresses with PayPal and my e-mail will go to that address.

If you still haven’t found my e-mail, or you have other questions about my art, you can reach with the information on my Contact page.

Thanks again for buying my work,

Alan Carter